Seven Bowls

The Greek word for bowl can also be translated to mean vial. So I took the liberty of using these two shapes to imply the same concept in "The Seven Bowls" E-Book. These are the last seven judgments before the Great Armageddon of the last battle, and at this point, those who have hardened their hearts shake their fists at GOD and refuse to repent. What is portrayed here is the pouring out of wrath from these bowls or vials as if the wrath itself is frozen in time. The freezing of time was the only way I could think to include an element of hope. The color in general, is also more heightened as if to warn or wake up awareness as to the meaning of these events.

The Seven Bowls

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E-Book IV The Seven Bowls

This eBook of the Seven Bowls has seven of her vivid visual metaphors with her elaborate explanations derived from the scriptures of the Book of Revelation and provides insight as to what and why the artist included these contemporary ideas in her interpretation that all come from her diligent study of the entire Bible.

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